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Try Zavy free for 7 days.
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Improve your brand's social media performance with a single metric

The Zavy Score is a single metric to track your social media performance, improve engagement and benchmark against the competition. The higher your score, the better!

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Benchmark your brand against key competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Use your score to measure brand health and prove the value of brand activity on social.

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How does your brand perform relative to competitors on social?

Your social scoreboard gives a real time view of how your brand’s Zavy Score compares to your competitive set. It’s competitor analysis at a glance.

How is the Zavy Score calculated?

Your unique ZavyScore is calculated by adding up the values assigned to your brand performanceon key metrics across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.  

The measure was developed by analysing the social media use and revenue growth of over 2,500 businesses each day for 3 years. The Zavy Score is a model to understand the relationships between social media activities, metrics and revenue growth.

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What else does Zavy do?

Zavy’s range of analytics tools unleash unique social media insights to help organisations understand the real impact of social media marketing on their bottom line.  

Ultimately, we help organisations grow on social media by providing rich data to optimise social media activity and power up performance.


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Trusted by

Trusted by

Zavy’s intuitive dashboards show us how we’re performing against competitors and drill down to individual posts if required. Their metrics are backed by actual sales data which give us confidence that improved engagement will be driving sales.

Conrad Heaven, GMM Digital, Fonterra

Julie Chapman, CEO & Founder KidsCan

Mandy Snell, Chapter Lead Customer Research and Insights, Westpac

Zavy is our one-stop-shop for social media analytics – it provides us with relevant and useful information that we apply daily to help us reach more supporters.

Zavy provides lead indicators of where market sentiment is heading and signals of what might happen next. Knowing why people feel a certain way, or understanding levels of engagement with a topic gives us an edge in how to meet customer expectations.
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© Zavy 2021