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Social Listening through Radar

Radar shows you exactly what is being said and felt about your brand, your competitors, or any topic in the world, in real time. We're not kidding, feel the power at your fingertips!

What can you find out?

Your share of voice

Find out how many times your brand, your competitors or a chosen topic have been mentioned across Australasia within your specified date range.

More than just positive or negative sentiment

See the specific emotions associated with your sentiment to really understand why your sentiment was good or bad.

The 'Mood of the Nation'

Zavy understands that 'good' sentiment is relative, you need to look at the whole picture.

The Mood of the Nation provides this context by displaying how people are feeling in general across New Zealand and Australia.

The topics being
talked about

Radar maps out the topics that are being mentioned the most so you can hop on the trend and get ahead of the conversation.

No credit card required

How do we get it?

Radar collects this information by scanning Facebook posts, news articles, and blogs all across New Zealand and Australia. It is then analysed by AI to generate insights and presented in a stunning all-in-one dashboard.

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© Zavy 2021