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We’re Zavy. And we believe in brand building by two-way engagement and rich communication on social media.

Right now, on social media, even great brands do more tactical advertising than brand building because it’s easier to measure. But people love brands when they do brand work that provides true connection, value and quality content, and tactical marketing performs better when it has a strong loved brand behind it.

Most social media tools deliver a lot of metrics for a piece of content, but without a meaningful way to roll that up to a brand level or put that in the competitive context. Zavy provides marketers with the insights they need to understand how social media activity impacts their overall brand health. Founded by TRA, Australasia’s leading brand tracking and insights provider, Zavy helps marketers measure and improve their brand activity on social so they can build brand by doing more of the things people love.

What people say about Zavy


“Zavy provides lead indicators of where market sentiment is heading and signals of what might happen next. Knowing why people feel a certain way, or understanding levels of engagement with a topic gives us an edge in how to meet customer expectations.”

Mandy Snell - Chapter Lead Customer Research and Insights

Southern Cross

“We use Zavy to help us shape our content to develop this message on socials and understand how our audience engages with it, why some posts drive higher or lower sentiment, and what our audience ultimately cares about.”

David Sakey - Customer Insights Lead

Southern Cross

”Zavy's intuitive dashboards show us how we're performing against competitors and drill down to individual posts if required. Their metrics are backed by actual sales data which give us confidence that improved engagement will be driving sales.”

Conrad Heaven - GMM Digital


"The AI insights is really interesting and a fantastic snapshot of how a post is being received by our audiences."

Sunny Brar, Digital Content Manager

South Sydney Rabbitohs

"For Specific, snackable insights about content that’s performing, brand tracking and competitor content analysis at a detailed and aggregated level, to see straight away where the gap is for our content to slot in, bringing on Zavy was a no-brainer."

Ana Zupanoska - Head of Social Strategy

Are Media

“The Zavy Score is a defensible metric for reporting brand performance and health on social to those outside of the marketing team. It’s not a CTR or CPM. It’s an objective consistent score. If the Zavy Score goes up, it’s a really good signifier that our content is engaging and connecting with our audience.”

Aaron Child, Digital Content Manager


“Zavy is a great platform, really easy to read and delivers in- depth analytics. It’s the best social benchmarking platform I have come across.”

Annabel Hall - Global Digital Manager


“We use Zavy every day at Socialites. It gives us insightful and actionable information about the content and activity that we use to build powerful communities for our clients as well as how they relate to our client’s competitor’s strategies. The Zavy data is invaluable for us to optimise our strategies, leading to faster results and better ROI.”

Melanie Spencer - CEO


"Zavy is our one-stop-shop for social media analytics – it provides us with relevant and useful information that we apply daily to help us reach more supporters."

Julie Chapman - CEO & Founder


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