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What type of social media content contributes to business growth?

November 12, 2019

We know that amidst the mass of social media activity across multiple channels, it can be hard for brands to diagnose what works for their business on social media and what doesn't.

Luckily our recent study into the role of social media in driving business growth sheds some light on this topic. Here we delve into our findings into the types of social media content brands should be sharing to grow their presence and ultimately impact their bottom line.

What are the types of social media content?

Our study identified five distinct categories of content that brands post. They are:

-Brand narrative: Posts that reflect your organisation’s personality, without fitting into any of the other categories.

-Competition: Posts that require engagement, such as liking, commenting, tagging and/or sharing the post, to go into the draw to win a prize.

-Corporate SocialResponsibility/Sponsorship: If your business directly sponsors an event, group of people and/or individuals, it fall into this category. CSR posts include educational or awareness posts around social issues that may affect the wider community, such as Daffodil Day, Pink Shirt Day etc.

-Cultural: Posts that reference a cultural moment (for example, Maori Language Week, Mother’s Day and Diwali), or that tap into a cultural trend.

-Product: Promotional posts advertising your products and services, or promoting your business.

Which type of content contributes most to business growth?

The short answer is Cultural Moments.

Our study has found that Cultural posts generate 7 times more engagement than other types of content. This is important because the higher the level of engagement with a brand's content, the more ROI the brand will see on their social media spend – for more on this, see our article on reach vs. engagement.

Cultural Moments also see a higher shares-to-like ratio versus other types of content, and they also receive more positive sentiment compared to other types of content.

So, what does this mean for your organisation?

There's a couple of things that brands can be doing in order to improve the performance of their social media activity and ultimately benefit their ROI and bottom line.

Firstly, focus on sharing a range of content covering all five of our content categories in order to achieve reach and speak to different audiences. Secondly, find the optimal post volume for your business that maximises engagement (we recommend 8 to 12 posts per week).

Then it's about finding the intersection between cultural relevance and your business on social media. Are there cultural trends relevant to your category that your business can tap into? Are there global or national cultural moments that your business can play a meaningful part in? Unlocking these opportunities will ensure your organisation stays relevant in your customer's lives.

Which brands are doing this well?

In New Zealand, Spark stood out recently with their campaign to celebrate Matariki. Since 2017, Spark have been creating a new way for everyone in New Zealand to learn about the Māori New Year and what it means. This year, Spark collaborated with Māori astronomer, Dr Rangi Matamua, to tell the stories of Matariki; they set up a free number for all New Zealanders to call and listen to the stories, as well as a Spotify playlist – in both Māori and English. The promotional video for Matariki was posted on Spark’s Facebook page where it generated 370 likes, 65 comments and 784 shares, which is a shares-to-like ratio of 212%. Spark certainly know how to celebrate a cultural moment.

Across the ditch in Australia, Aldi's early Christmas video which was posted in November 2018 was a hit. The short video featured Santa Claus crash-landing his sleigh in the Australian outback. He is cared for by the locals while his sleigh is out of commission and gets involved in the local activities. The video posted on Facebook generated 11,400 likes, 1,767 comments and 8,282 shares, which comes to a shares-to-like ratio of 73%.

Key insights:

- Zavy have identified 5 categories of social media content

- Cultural Moments content was found to generate 7 times more engagement than other types of content.

- Organisations must find the intersection between cultural relevance and their business.

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