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Zavy is a 2016 DIVA finalist

Zavy was created with a strong design mindset, so it is with great excitement that we announce that we are finalists in the 2016 Data Insight Visualisation Awards.

Traditional social media listening tools are clunky, unintuitive, tech-led and overly complex making them difficult to use and ineffective at telling companies what the data is actually saying. Our analytics platform was designed to provide a superior user experience through intuitive point and click navigation and exceptional data visualisation. Our goal is to provide clear insights to businesses in a visually appealing way that makes sense to them.

Zavy was developed to fill a clear gap in the market – a simple, user-friendly SaaS solution, with a dedicated focus on effective data visualisation. Our talented digital design team worked with a specific brief to build a world-class tool with a focus on effective data visualisation.

Check out our full entry here.

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