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Content that resonates on social media is key to brand building

There’s a huge difference between brands and organisations that ‘get’ social content, and those that don’t. 

Understanding what people are talking about on social media in your category and tailoring your content accordingly gives you an advantage like no other. 

Foster a community. Encourage conversation. Be where your customers are, talking the way they talk, about the topics they are interested in. 

In our latest report, you’ll find:

  • Top social media topics in Retail, Services and FMCG
  • Case studies of relevant high-performing brands so you can learn from the best.
  • Insight on how you can use this data to grow your brand

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    The Zavy Scoreboard

    Benchmarking your brand with the Zavy Score: 

    The Zavy Score ranks each brand based on their engagement and sentiment based on relationship to ROI.

    The result is a simple and easy way to benchmark, visualise, and showcase your brand’s social media performance.


    AI that identifies the characteristics of your best posts (and of your competitors)

    • See the key content characteristics that drive success in your posts, as well as your competitor's or other best in class brands

    • See the content characteristics of your best performing ads

    • Make reporting easier and more insightful with AI content insights

    AI comment insights to understand your audience

    • See what your audience thinks and why

    • Give your sentiment context

    • Save hours analysing comments
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    © Zavy 2021