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Generate social media reports in a click

Everyone knows that the holidays are the perfect time for resting and relaxing, but it’s important to wrap everything up before kicking back in the sun.  

Getting peace of mind around your brand’s performance before the year ends can be as easy as clicking a button with our new, long-awaited auto reporting feature. It’s not just functional, it’s also beautiful: here’s how it can change your life. 

1. It automatically generates slide decks 

Forget about the laborious process of grabbing metrics, putting those into a table, and then finally putting together a presentation from scratch. Who’s got the time? 

Auto reporting turns your brand’s metrics into a Powerpoint file automatically, and you have full executive control over how this file looks. Pick and choose the data that you want to display in your presentation, change the colours that you’re using for maximum emphasis, and edit anything else that needs fixing.  

2. Access competitor data from any date range that you like 

Your brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum - competitor data is a useful way to benchmark your performance. Now, you don’t have to worry about hunting down all those metrics on your own. 

Auto reporting will include your competitors’ top three posts across your selected date range so that you can compare your results directly to theirs. It makes use of all the data that lives in your dashboard and takes the guesswork out of compiling reports about associated activity in the industry.  

3. It grades you and your competitors’ social media on a common scale 

Here at Zavy, we’re all about making things easier to understand. Not only will auto reporting tell you how your competitors’ top posts performed, but it will also grade your posts and theirs with a unique star rating.  

This star rating is calculated by weighting your performance against your competitors in terms of Likes, Comments, Shares, and Sentiment. Whether you’re curious about how your brand did on LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social platform tracked by Zavy, auto reporting standardises your final results in one, easy-to-interpret rating. 

If the Herculean task of end-of-year reporting is still looming and you’re looking for a way to keep it simple, then this latest feature from Zavy could be the answer that you’re after.  

Email Podge, our Customer Success Specialist, for a walkthrough and a chat on how your brand’s stats can be corralled and clarified by auto reporting, all at the click of a button! 

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