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To TikTok or Not To TikTok? Pros and Cons for Brands

Guess what? Zavy just joined the TikTok revolution! That's right, businesses can now tap into the power of this platform even more effectively with TikTok’s recent addition to Zavy’s social stack.  

Still deciding if TikTok is the right marketing tool for your brand? Let’s break down the top 5 pros and cons of TikTok for businesses so you have all the information you need to make that call.

PRO: Unmatched Reach and Engagement

TikTok's algorithm is a beast for reaching a wider audience than other platforms. By using trending sounds and filters, brands can boost engagement and interaction with their target audience. Plus, with users globally spending an average of 95 minutes per day on TikTok, businesses have a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers.*

PRO: Younger Demographics and Trendsetters

TikTok's user base is mainly young, with 63% of users being under 30.* This provides an ideal opportunity for brands to connect with trendsetters and stay on top of emerging trends. By being on TikTok, businesses can keep their finger on the pulse of youth culture and reach early adopters.

PRO: Creative Flexibility and Viral Potential

TikTok's video format and editing tools allow for creativity and experimentation in brand content – with the potential for virality, brands can quickly gain exposure and drive user-generated content. The platform's viral nature can help businesses reach new audiences and amplify their brand messaging.

PRO: Opportunity for Brand Authenticity

TikTok's user-generated content culture promotes authenticity and transparency, creating an environment where brands can build trust and foster relationships with their audience. By leveraging this, businesses can create a more human and relatable image, which is essential for modern-day marketing.

PRO: Ad Options and E-commerce Potential

TikTok's advertising options range from in-feed ads to branded hashtags and can help drive conversions for businesses. The platform's e-commerce features, such as Shopping Ads, provide a streamlined path to purchase for consumers.

CON: Limited Analytics and Measurement

One of the main drawbacks of TikTok for businesses is the lack of sophisticated analytics and measurement tools. This can make it challenging to track ROI and assess the effectiveness of marketing efforts. However, that’s where Zavy can help. Zavy's analytics and sentiment analysis provide businesses with better insights into their TikTok performance (and Facebook, and Instagram, and LinkedIn...)

CON: Content Creation Challenges

Creating engaging and relevant content for TikTok can be challenging, especially for businesses new to the platform. The content creation process can require more time and resources than other social media platforms (but the potential rewards can be worth it!)

CON: Unpredictable Algorithm Changes

TikTok's ever-changing algorithm can be both a blessing and a curse for businesses. While algorithm updates can help brands reach new audiences, they can also negatively impact brand visibility and reach. Brands may need to adapt their strategies quickly and frequently to keep up with changes.

CON: Brand Safety Concerns

TikTok's content moderation policies have been controversial. Inappropriate or harmful content can appear on the platform, posing a risk to brands that don't monitor and regulate their content carefully. Brands need to balance creativity and authenticity with maintaining brand safety and reputation.  

CON: Limited Advertising Options

While TikTok does offer a variety of advertising options, including sponsored content and in-feed ads, there are limitations for smaller businesses or those with smaller budgets. For example, the minimum ad spend for a TikTok campaign is $500, which may be too expensive for some businesses. However, TikTok's e-commerce features, such as shoppable content, can still provide opportunities for smaller businesses to drive conversions and sales on the platform.

Now that you know the pros and cons of TikTok for businesses, it's time to make a decision. Is TikTok the right platform for your brand?

Whatever you decide, rest easy knowing that Zavy has got you covered. From Facebook, to Instagram, to LinkedIn, to TikTok, Zavy is the tool you need to build and track your brand sentiment and engagement and make data-driven decisions.  


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