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How does the Zavy Benchmark Calculator work?

Our data scientists analysed over 7.4 million social media posts across Facebook and Instagram, primarily from New Zealand and Australia, with a small proportion of international brands.  

After segmenting these posts into industries, we further divided them by following size, so that you know where you stand against relevant brands, and type of posts, for the most accurate results.

The result: personalised benchmarks for follows, comments, shares and sentiment. Read more about how we calculate sentiment (and why it's important!)

Likes, comments, shares and sentiment.

Four metrics. Four levels of success.

Filter by type of post.

We’ve used AI to tag all 7.4 million+ posts into four types, so you can drill into how your brand performs in each area and identify how to improve:

Brand: Posts that reflect your organisation’s personality and brand – without fitting into the other categories, such as your brand video.  

CSR: Posts that relate to your brand’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, for example, sponsoring an event, or educational or awareness posts on social issues, e.g. Pink Shirt Day.  

Cultural: Posts that tap into a cultural trend or reference a cultural moment or celebration, such as Diwali or Mother’s Day.

Competition: Posts that require engagement, such as liking, commenting, tagging and/or sharing the post to enter a prize draw.  

Product: Promotional posts advertising your products or services or promoting your business.

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© Zavy 2021