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How to use Radar for social media listening and conversation monitoring

Radar is Zavy’s social listening and conversation monitoring tool, powered by real-time data from millions of public news media, blogs, forums and Facebook posts across Australia and New Zealand.

With these insights, you can make sure your comms and social posts are culturally on code, and in step (or even ahead of) public sentiment.

There are two ways to complete searches in Radar:

You can search for topics that the Zavy team have pre-built and are particularly useful for complex searches that contain multiple keywords and combinations. You can identify them by the star symbol.

You can also run unlimited numbers of searches with your own key words. Here’s how:

Search for an exact phrase

To search for an exact phrase, just type it in the search bar within single speech marks – for example, ‘nature reserve’.

The results and analysis from an exact phrase search will include any mentions of the phrase in posts, articles, and comments – in this case, ‘nature reserve’. Mentions of the individual words in the phrase, e.g., ‘nature’ will not appear in the results.

Search for mentions of more than one keyword – ‘and’ queries

Type in your keywords with no quotation marks and any mentions or articles that contain all those words will appear – but not necessarily the exact phrase.

For example, using the “nature reserve” example, we would expect to see articles or posts that may contain the word “nature” in one sentence and “reserve” in another.

Searching for mentions of more than one key word – ‘or’ queries

Type in the key words with the vertical | character separating the words.

This search will include any mentions or articles that contain either ‘nature’ or ‘reserve’.

Using a combination of predefined topics and searches

Type in a Zavy defined search topic and add in another key word.

The results must contain both searches - any mentions or articles that contain both the predefined search topic and the new keyword will be included in your results

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