Build winning social media content strategies that aren’t a fluke


Start by benchmarking

How do you know your social strategy is working?

Zavy Score and benchmarking

A single metric for attribution of brand performance on social media, for your competitors too.

The Zavy Scoreboard

The Zavy Score
A social metric that weights engagement and sentiment based on revenue.

Competing for your audience on social media has never been more competitive. Zavy can track every brand in the world so you can draw insights into what drives engagement for your brand.

The Zavy Edge

Drive brand awareness campaigns
through the funnel by posting
content that resonates

Follower Growth
"The Zavy Score is a defensible metric for reporting brand performance and health on social to those outside of the marketing team.

It’s not a CTR or CPM. It’s an objective consistent score. If the Zavy Score goes up, it’s a really good signifier that our content is engaging and connecting with our audience."

Dive into your
creative strategy
(and your competitors)

Prove ROI by moving the Zavy Score 
through stronger content

Snackable content insights and impact tracking

“Our content producers and editors use Zavy
to benchmark against competitor brands
and extract snackable insights per category,
per brand, per competitor, per channel
and get ideas for where we can slot it”

- AreMedia

Track and compare your content strategy against your competitors

Learn what content delivers the most sentiment
and engagement, which brand is best at it,
why are they best, and how to apply that to your brand.

The overall sentiment of your brand, over any date range visualised against your competitor’s overall brand sentiment.

Track three levels of sentiment

for you and your competitors

See which types of posts and content pillars are resonating best for you and your competitors.

Sentiment of your individual posts, so you can pinpoint what worked and what didn’t

Brand sentiment
Content sentiment
Post sentiment

Create stronger content and then
benchmark your brand's Zavy Score to prove ROI
© Zavy 2021
© Zavy 2021