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Social media intelligence your team has never seen before

To build a healthy brand, you need insights on the impact of your social activity. Discover how your brand is growing on social, identify opportunities, and benchmark against competitors in your category.

Dominate on Social

Get your Zavy Score to see how you compare to your competitors on the social media scoreboard. It’s competitor analysis at a glance.

Competitor analysis at a glance

Your social scoreboard gives a real time view of how your brand’s Zavy Score compares to your competitive set. See your aggregated Zavy Score across all key social media channels, or filter between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

Live your brand purpose on social media

Our research shows a correlation between high Zavy scores and brand building activity on social media. Use the Zavy Score as a holistic measure of your brand health and prove the value of purpose-led brand activity on social.

A consistent brand metric

We’ve included the Zavy Score as a metric to track across our Pulse, Map and Pages dashboards. You can analyse how your Zavy Score has shifted over time or dig into specific types of content to see how they affect your brand’s score.
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Discover what Resonates

Identify the kinds of content driving quality social media engagement and sentiment for your brand.

Monitor metrics that build brand health

Understand net sentiment, and social media engagement from comments, likes and shares at an individual post or overall brand level.

Diagnose what kind of content works

Zavy’s foundational research identified five core types of content: competitions, corporate social responsibility (CSR), cultural moments, brand and product. With Map, see which is boosting your Zavy Score, driving meaningful engagement, or improving social media sentiment for your brand.

Identify top performing posts

View the top social media content shared by you and your competitors over a specified time period, ranked in order of performance.
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Monitor multi-channels seamlessly

Drill down to the details with easy performance tracking, benchmarking, and reporting across all your social channels.

Painless social media performance tracking

Pages offers social media marketing channel analysis across all key metrics, including the Zavy Score, for Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Easy comparison and benchmarking

Simple data visualisation shows at a glance how you are performing relative to your competitors on key social media metrics such as number of posts and engagement.

Effortless data gathering

Specify your time period and export data to a spreadsheet for easy reporting. 
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Track your wins

Track how your social media brand health builds over time and compare against your competitors.

Analyse trends in social
media performance

Chart changes in your own and your competitors’ performance over time, and filter between pre-set date ranges. 

Understand performance
across key metrics

Drill down into your brand health across the Zavy Score or view key channel metrics relevant to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.  

Reduce time spent
reviewing posts

Pinpoint top performing content across all key social media channels and click to view the post’s details, all while staying in the platform.
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Dive into the mind of your audience

Advanced, searchable social media listening, combined with sentiment, emotion, and topic analysis.

Understand sentiment
and emotion

With Radar, understand the social media sentiment and emotions on the topics, people or brands that are important to your customers – right now.

See what trends are driving conversation online

See the trending news stories people are talking about, the emotions and sentiment the content is generating, for actionable insight.

Adjust your messaging to
stay on code

Before launching social media campaign, search for your key topics and words in Radar to understand the conversation around it in real time – and adapt your messaging to stay relevant.
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© Zavy 2021