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Change Your Social Media Strategy for Good

Get your copy of our latest CSR research

We’ve carried out extensive analysis to understand the role CSR plays in driving engagement and ROI for a business, as well as identifying what makes an effective CSR strategy for Marketing. Download the report now:

In our latest report, we’re exploring how your brand can live its purpose on social media through an effective CSR strategy.

Zavy social media analysis over the last two years shows average engagement with CSR posts is on the rise. We also found that pages that do CSR posts of any sort get more engagements per follower than pages that do not.

We also saw that CSR post share changed over time – and that CSR posts saw significant growth between 2018-2021.

You will learn:

  • Why engagement matters on social
  • What CSR has to do with brand-building  
  • How CSR impacts engagement
  • How to create an effective CSR campaign on social 

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