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Zavy Radar Free Trial: Social Media Listening Tool

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Get real-time data from millions of news media, blogs, forums and Facebook posts

Whether you’re navigating remote working comms, launching a new product, entering a new market, planning a CSR campaign or just trying to stay relevant, knowing what's on your customers' minds (and how they really feel about it) is more important than ever.  

Our social listening tool, Radar, offers a unique view into the conversations and emotions of people in Australia and New Zealand.  

With Radar, get insights about your brand, the topics you care about and the stories driving conversation in a snap.

Powered by real-time data from millions of public news media, blogs, forums and Facebook posts, Radar helps you stay current, understand what's on peoples' minds, and ensure your marketing is relevant and on code.

Learn how to use social media insights to understand what’s impacting your brand’s health

With Radar social media listening, you can:

Get a pulse on the topics, people or brands that are important to your customers – right now.

Identify the top news stories people are talking about, then layers emotion and sentiment data for actionable insight.

Use these insights to make sure your comms and social media posts are culturally on code and in step with public sentiment.

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