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Social Media Campaigns

The Best NZ Social Media Campaigns of 2022

We're already halfway through 2022, so we thought it would be a great time to reflect on some of the best social media campaigns we have seen so far this year! We love getting inspiration from what has worked well, and seeing how awesome social media campaigns build great brands.

WellingtonNZ - There's no 'I' in Wellington without YOU!

People love sharing their holiday photos on social media, and WellingtonNZ hopped on this trend with a vibrant, interactive sculpture spelling out "Well_ngton" – inviting people to stand in place of the "i". Taking photos of the sculpture and sharing with followers helps increase visibility for the WellingtonNZ brand, and adds a lovely in person element to photo sharing.

Allbirds – Tread Lighter

Allbirds is a sustainable footwear and apparel company that have been leaving their footprint on the world. With the recent release of their sustainable sugarcane sandals, they’ve been lighting up Instagram feeds with this juicy looking campaign. It’s all about bright colours and bubbles –it kind of looks like they’ve taken a page out of the book of a soft drink campaign – eliciting all those feel good, summer vibes.

allbirds sugarcane sandals instagram campaign

To follow in their steps, consider developing a campaign in the theme of a product category different from your own. For example, marketing makeup products like you would delicious baking, or men’s swimming trunks in editorial haute couture style. You’re sure to make a memorable mark if you do it well.

Lewis Road Creamery

Lewis Road Creamery did an excellent job of teasing their Facebook followers over a new product in early 2022. A string of posts hinted at what was to come, with the grand reveal taking place on Valentine's day in February.

Building up some hype around the new product worked a treat, keeping people engaged and encouraging lots of comments – some close to the mark, some outlandishly hilarious. This teaser campaign did a great job of conversing with their fan base.

Lemon & Paeroa – Recognise the manu in professional diving

A quintessential kiwi staple that always delivers a strong social marketing strategy for their iconic summer drink, is Lemon & Paeroa, and once again, this year they did not disappoint.

They launched a petition on to #RecognisetheManu :

"The manu. It’s Aotearoa’s national and best dive, done in watery places everywhere. But there’s one place manus can’t be done. A diving competition.

Why? Because Rule D8.6.1. of the International Diving Federation (FINA) rulebook says: “The entry into the water shall in all cases be vertical, with the body straight.” Basically, if you do a manu, you lose. And that’s stink, because manus are for winners."

Their Facebook post was the most engaged with post so far this year out of their competitor set, so it was a winning social play. And, so far they have managed to get 3,177 signatures out of 5,000!

TwoDudes – Real Simple, No BS

Two Dudes are making men’s skincare cool –-or at the very least, part of a man’s routine to begin with. With their humorous Instagram content, from topical memes to screenshots of lists made on Apple Notes, they have a fantastic grasp of the two things men really want (a good laugh and good skincare products, duh).

screenshots of funny posts from the Two Dude instagram page

Humour can be a tough one to nail in campaigns (in fact we’ve done a whole breakdown on how to nail social media humour), but when done well it can give your followers moments of absolute delight. Think about how you could use these Two Dudes posts as templates to repurpose for your own brand.

Spark – Beyond Binary Code

In February 2022, Spark launched Beyond Binary Code – a piece of downloadable code that can be added to any website. The code was co-created with non-binary communities, and aims to make when and how businesses ask for gender data inclusive, so everyone can be seen and valued.

This bold action is a step toward making the internet more gender inclusive, and was a powerful statement about Spark's values.

EveWellness – Self Care Vibe Check

Eve Wellness is a female-powered supplement and hormone testing company that takes your wellness seriously, in a lighthearted way. With the use of calming pastels, pretty imagery and their overarching theme of self-care, Eve have created a distinctive brand and social media strategy that our feeds are all the better for.

Having a distinctive colour palette is one of the components that makes Eve’s feed so memorable. Ensure your own brand has one to work off – the more unique the colours are, the better.

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