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Social Media Campaigns

Best Social Media Campaigns in Australia 2022

The year is already halfway through! While we continue to move at breakneck pace, we’ve got a fresh roundup of top social media campaigns for you, to give you plenty of social media marketing ideas to take you through to Christmas.

There is no shortage of Aussie brands killing it on social and it's particularly exciting to see many of the ones featured here making such a positive impact both environmentally and on the communities they serve.

Without further ado, we present some of the best Aussie campaigns on Facebook and Instagram from this year!

Zero Co - #OnlyOneEarth

“Hey, single-use’re fired” boldly proclaims a recent Zero Co Instagram post. This brand couldn’t have come to market fast enough, providing a range of refillable home and body products that are delivered directly to your door when you need them. Their Instagram feed is filled with bright, enticing colours – their products look like they belong in a candy store (except you definitely wouldn’t want to eat these ones!). Leading up to the Australian Election in 2022, Zero Co ran a campaign where they reminded people that their #1 vote should be for the earth. They also recently released a campaign video featuring beautiful shots of natural environments, where they introduced their hashtag #OnlyOneEarth.

a grid of Zero Co instagram posts

The Oodie - 90s Kids, Rejoice!

We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Oodie. You’ve almost certainly seen people wearing them around (since it’s now acceptable to wear them in public). Originating in Australia, they have now achieved global status as the ultimate form of wearable comfort. Recently, the Oodie launched their Nickelodeon range. The accompanying Facebook campaign is full of bright colours and 90s nostalgia. Looks like they might be targeting their Millennial customers – Oodies aren’t just for kids and teens, and the brand wants to you to know it!

Two screenshots of Oodie Nickelodeon campaign promos on Facebook

Aesop - The Aesop Queer Library

Born in The Rocks, one of Sydney’s trendiest shopping locales, in 1987, Aesop continues to make an impact across the globe. As a now certified B Corp, attaining the highest standards of commitment to people and the environment, the brand remains community focused. One of their recent campaigns promotes The Aesop Queer Library - a collection of works from LGBTI+ creators. One of their captions declares that “the library is fuelled by a belief in the transformative power of queer storytelling: its ability to broaden minds, embolden individuals and unite the community and its allies.” Supported by captivating artwork and bold design, this campaign highlights the richness of the queer community.

a grid of Aesop instagram posts promoting the Aesop Queer Library

Boody - Plastic Free July

Boody isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for the planet. Born from a collective drive for a simpler wardrobe made from sustainable fabrics, Sydney-based Boody is already selling in 15 countries and counting. As another certified B Corp, their customers can trust that they are doing right by people and planet. This year, they’re running a plastic-free July challenge which you can sign up for by joining their Facebook group. If you’re a sustainability changemaker looking to connect with likeminded people, you may want to join it yourself.

Two screenshots of plastic free july challenge promo on Boody Facebook page

Breville - An Aboriginal Culinary Journey

Breville recently launched their new Aboriginal Culinary Journey campaign and kitchen products to celebrate 65,000 years of Australian food culture. With eye-catching prints, these products make a statement that the oldest living culture in the world should be celebrated and showcased in kitchens across the country. Using Zavy’s Radar tool, we analysed this campaign and found that it had highly positive sentiment and engagement across their social channels, highlighting that people place value on diversity.

Screenshots from Breville Aboriginal Culinary Journey campaign

CheekyGlo - Make Your Skin Glo

CheekyGlo loves soft pinks, maybe because your skin will look soft pink when you use their Exfoliating Glove. Showcasing inclusive marketing, including both males and females from a range of different ethnicities, CheekyGlo’s Instagram feed is full of smiling faces, funny memes and useful information (like how shaving effects hair growth).

Screenshots of posts on CheekyGlo Instagram

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