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Social Media Analytics

Simple, Powerful Social Media Measurement with Zavy

Tracking, benchmarking and attaining real insight about your social performance with the Zavy Score

As social media is still relatively new, marketers don’t have long-established measures of social success in place - unlike other forms of marketing. Working out whether your energy translates to actual results can be a bit of a guessing game.

The Zavy Score is designed to fill that gap, it helps you to understand what works and what falls flat. It filters out the complexity and give you a single, unambiguous metric for your social marketing.

As more businesses pour increasingly resources into social media, the Zavy Score helps make sure that investment isn’t wasted – that’s why it’s such a vital tool for marketers.

What makes the Zavy score different

There are plenty of tools out there that promise to manage and track your social media activity, but most focus on the operational side. They’ll help you preschedule posts, monitor likes and shares on various platforms and keep track of your content. But if you want deeper insight into your performance, it can be hard to come by. You may get a huge amount of data, but it can be difficult to turn it into a tangible measure.

Zavy’s analytics tools distil that information into a single score, taking the guesswork out of social media measurement. It can be used to track your performance over time, improve the ROI of campaigns and compare your success against the competition.

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Backed by substantial research and marketing science

Zavy works because it’s based on real data. When the business was founded, we did a deep dive into social media ROI. Our research looked at over 2,500 businesses, tracking their daily activity on social media against changes in their revenue. This helped us identify the metrics most associated with growth, and build analytical models based on those findings.

That research helps us weigh data more accurately. When you look at your social activity on your own, it can be tricky to balance the value of different forms of engagement on different platforms. Are likes on Instagram as valuable as likes on Facebook? Are comments more significant? What about shares? Does the number of followers make a difference? Every platform has different ways to engage, and different levels of impact, so it’s not quite as simple as totting up likes and shares.

The Zavy Score is calculated by taking metrics from all your social platforms, assigning values to each based on our foundational research and creating a single number that represents your performance at any one moment. Raw data is pushed through our proprietary algorithm, which includes an AI-driven sentiment analysis engine for deeper insight.

You vs the competition

Keeping an eye on your Zavy Score is an easy way to measure your performance over time. You can look at your score month on month, year on year, and get a good idea of how your social marketing is paying off.

Even better, it offers a way to measure your social brand health against your competition. The Zavy Scoreboard shows you how you stack up against a range of similar businesses in your industry, so you can see how your social media marketing compares. You can also compare against best-in-class brands to get a true understanding of your performance – rather than simply comparing you to your sector, you get to see how you stack up against the social media stars.

It’s all aimed at giving you an accurate, up-to-date and, most of all, useful view of your performance.

Win or lose in (almost) real-time

Social media is powerful, in part because it gives you instant connections with your customers. Post something, people respond immediately and you can see engagement as it happens. The Zavy Score builds on that power, delivering dynamic results almost as they happen.

When you look at your Zavy Score on our dashboard, you get a clear numerical performance metric – 100 means you’re roughly on par with your competitors – as well as a visual representation. As you add content and launch campaigns, those measures will change in response and you’ll be able to see your score and your position change as well.

Here’s what it looks like:

Zavy scoreboard for Automative brands in Australia
Click to See Australian Brand Scoreboard

Many businesses use the score as a simple, clear way to measure their social media performance over time, choosing it as their chief metric over fuzzier options like adding up shares or reading comments.

More detail, more insight

Although the clarity of the Zavy Score is incredibly valuable for marketers, sometimes you need more insight. The score gives you a broad view, but you can also drill down into the performance of individual posts for your brand and others. This lets you see what type of content works best, and helps you refine your marketing.

If certain types of post deliver more engagement for your business, you can choose to focus on those in future. If you see other businesses – even in different industries – getting strong results from specific tactics or types of content, you can incorporate those into your planning. It’s not about ripping off ideas, it’s about optimising your social media.

The more you understand, the more deliberate and detailed your social strategy can be – for example, many brands have found that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) content is a powerful driver of engagement, so they look for authentic ways to bring that into their marketing. Others might find that posts with a warmer, more personal tone seem to be more successful, or that product videos perform better than still photos.

If you have a real measure of performance for your entire strategy and for individual posts, it’s far easier to keep moving forward, keep improving – and keep justifying your marketing budget.  

A simple, strategic measure of social success

The Zavy Score is an industry leader for a reason: it’s the only social performance metric that weighs and consolidates data from different platforms and incorporates ROI information into its results. That unique offering is why we’ve been popular with some of Australian and New Zealand’s biggest brands right from the start – with huge social budgets, they want real insight into whether their spending is worthwhile.

But even if you’re a smaller brand or an emerging business, the Score has real value. Every social media marketer wants a way to measure success and improve performance without trawling through posts, adding up likes and searching for patterns – and the Zavy Score does just that.

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